Debra Kirk


Ciao!!  I hope you received my voicemail message regarding our trip. 

IT WAS AMAZING!  Thank god we had you to plan everything for us,  it made the trip that much more enjoyable for all of us.  From our driver Tiberio who picked us up from the airport, and then also took us to Siena, San Gimignano,  Castellano Winery, Montereggioni,  Greve in Chianti, and Cinque Terre.  To Antonella who toured us around the Uffizi and Academia.  To Lucca who toured us around Rome.  Everything ran so smoothly.  I have recommended you to so many people already!!

I love Italy and I can’t wait to go back.    I actually felt like I was among my relatives while I was there.  We stayed at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast in San Casciano that I would highly recommend to anyone called the Salvadonica.  We ate breakfast and dinner there every day and it was always delicious with very friendly and helpful staff.

I have attached a few pictures,  we only took over 1,000 pictures!!!  These girls love pictures!! 

I would love to speak to you one of these days so that we can talk in more detail.

I hope all is well.