George Karavattuveetil


Hello, Nicoletta!


I can’t begin to express our thanks to you for the best family vacation we have ever had! Every aspect of it was excellent! So much so that I am giving your contact information to a colleague. 

Drivers – Every single driver was incredible and super helpful/polite. As your personal mode of transportation, having a driver who is safe and makes you feel like you’re being driven by a family member is exactly what you want in a different country.

Tours – All the tours, from the limoncello tour, to the boat tour, to the walking tour in Florence, had amazing guides and a great deal of fun. As I try to think of my favorite tour, the limoncello tour / cooking class stands out. Being able to hang out with the family who owns the lemon grove and cook in their kitchen with the family made us feel like we were truly experiencing the Amalfi life.

Given that, the Chianti wine tour was also fantastic and it was incredible to learn about wines from around the region and see how it’s made.

Overall, I would do all the tours again and plan on doing them again when I return.

One more thing to add, Nicoletta did a fantastic job setting everything up, and the family never had to worry about anything. The train was super clean and easy to navigate, the drivers were on time, and the tours were a blast. Booking with Nicoletta allowed us to focus on enjoying our vacation, spending time with family, and truly focusing on immersing ourselves in the Italian culture.  

The trip was incredible! Our first hotel in Florence was super nice and very modern. My favorite part of the trip was definitely the lemon grove tour in Amalfi and the cooking class along with it. The family that owns the lemon grove was extremely friendly and made the tour even more fun. All the drivers were great, especially Vincenzo, our boat driver in Amalfi. He gave us a great lunch recommendation and was very pleasant.   

So great, Nicoletta!  Thanks so much from the Karavattuveetil Family!

Please let me know if we can add anything else.