Glenn & Alcira Ball

We had a great time throughout our trip to Italy, and really appreciate your efforts on our behalf to help organize such a great experience.  All the suggestions you made and the advice you provided to us really made a huge difference in the wonderful experience we had over the course of three weeks.  Each of your recommendations for lodging was right on target, and was just what we were hoping for.  We did have some issues with the cleanliness of the apartment in Rome, but you had no way of knowing this would be a problem.  All of your tour recommendations, and the guides you suggested, were excellent.  We believe it was money well spent to go with your suggestions.  We especially liked the small group tours offered by Dark Rome. We had such a diverse experience during our three weeks in Italy that it is hard to say which we liked the best.  With your help, we were able to achieve a blend and balance between seeing the “touristy: things and to have somewhat of a “local” experience – especially in the Piedmont and Tuscany regions.  I think having the rental car for two weeks was an absolute necessity, and we could not have done all we did without it. We really appreciated the fact that you listened to us in the early stages of planning the trip, and responded to what we were looking for.  We maintained our budget throughout the trip, and accomplished everything that we hoped to.  There were no surprises. Thank you again for your expertise and advice, and all the work you put into helping us organize a trip of a lifetime.  I would certainly recommend your services to other travelers, and will be in touch with you if we get the chance for a return visit to Italy.