Gordon Wong

August 2015

Buongiorno Luana

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I spent some days in Stockholm and Amsterdam after Italy and just now getting somewhat caught up at work.  
Our trip to Italy was fantastic and very memorable.  The hotels were very nice and the locations were excellent.  I know the tours were very expensive but I highly recommend it because we bypassed all of the line up and our time was used very efficiently.  So in the end, we saw lots in a short time.  
The day at Urbinati was very important for me and it went very smoothly.  The driver was very courteous and again, I highly recommend travelling this method. It allowed me to rest and enjoy the scenery and appreciate the natural beauty rather than focus on driving.
Venice was amazing but in hindsight, we could have spent 1 less day there.   There’s not as many sights as Rome or Florence.
Thank you for putting an excellent trip together for us.  Europe in general is expensive to visit but I feel you helped us maximize the use of our time in Italy.  I have already passed your name on to 2 other people thinking about visiting Italy. 
Talk to you soon,
Gordon Wong