Hayley Griffith


Hi Emanuela, 

We loved our trip! It took me a few extra days to get back to the states due to the storm, but I’m finally back and settled. 

Our hotel in Venice was great with friendly & helpful staff. The location of the hotel was both a blessing & and curse. Probably the only possible complaint about the trip is how far of a walk it was to everything we did, but alternatively, due to that we really got to explore and see more of Venice, and see / experience some lower key places. The Murano / Burano tour was great. We loved seeing both places. Some of the other people complained of not having enough time to see Murano, but that’s only because the glass gallery was so mesmerizing. I loved everything about Burano. The shops, the houses and streets. It looked like a picture book. We also enjoyed our day at St. Marks Square – we have a very knowledgeable tour guide and St. Marks Basilica and Doges Palace were beautiful. We also went and walked around the Jewish ghetto, the memorials and history there is so interesting. 

Overall Venice was great, but we LOVED Como. Everything about it was spectacular. Our tour give for the boat trip was wonderful, reminded me of my mom a little bit. After the tour she actually walked us around Como a bit for some insight around our hotel. We so enjoyed seeing the lake, Bellagio, shopping, and getting to know her. Though we were disappointed about the weather our last day, we also loved spending the day with Davide. The cheese factory was a lot of fun, David especially enjoyed that. Afterwards we went to one of the Villas for a tour. Davide was great to talk to and get to know, and had a lot of insight for when we come back someday.

Thank you for planning this wonderful trip for us, we would love to go back someday and bring my mom. When we do, we’ll be in touch again.

Hayley Griffith