Jacquie Sartoris


Liliana and Rita,

What an amazing trip!!!  We loved everything about it. 

To name one highlight would be difficult because it seemed that each day brought us something new and awe inspiring. Our travel and transfers were flawless, something we surely could not have done alone. All of our guides were fabulous. Maria who we were with for two days in the Piedmont region went above and beyond; we can’t say enough about her, she was just wonderful and so welcoming. For the quiet we were needing after our very busy first two weeks, LaMorra was just perfect, and so beautiful. 

Thank you so much for arranging such an amazing trip for us; we are singing your praises!!  

I will have Tony send pictures to you when he gets some time; he’s in the process of organizing all of them. 

Thank you again,


Jacquie Sartoris