James Michael Wilson

Thank you for your inquiry. Interesting story. First, we loved Italy and had a great time for the two weeks of our visit. We started in Rome the first fourdays and then rented a car for the next eight. We had tickets for the 9:30 tour for The Last Supper but we were in Levanto the previous nights so we left at 6:30 allowing plenty of time to drive to Milan and a little time to make it to the Church. My mistake was in not expecting so much rush hour traffic. Also, I didn’t have a map of Milan. Anyway, we got to the Church almost two hours late. But the people at the Church were very nice and let us attach to the group for the 11:30 viewing. That was extremely kind of them to do and we were very much in awe at the beauty and holiness of the fresco. My most sincere appreciation to Elena for finding the two tickets on such short notice. Thank you and Cultural Italy very, very much.

James Michael Wilson, USA