Janet Nugent

What can I say???? You did a splendid job and we had a fabulous time. Everything was PERFECT!!! Maria Theresa and Gastone were wonderful. The tours were exquisite! Both guides were extremely knowledgeable and their personalities were delightful. I would highly recommend them and Cultural Italy to anyone who plans a visit to Italy. Your hard work and help were greatly appreciated. Please, please send me your address as we (the entire group who traveled) would like to send you something to show you our appreciation. The Vasari Corridor was fantastic and Gastone was very pleased to have the opportunity to visit it again. He told us he has only been there 3 times since the 90s….good job! Unfortunately we did not have time to go to that restaurant instead we grabbed something on the run so we could see EVERYTHING. Gastone brought us all to a lovely trattoria that had the very BEST food and the price was right! Again, both guides were great and very accommodating.

Again I thank you much!

Janice Nugent, USA