Jeanne Stanziani

June 2017

Please forgive the lateness in responding about our trip.   I can’t thank you enough for making our trip go so smoothly.  The tours and transfers all went very well!!
We loved Florence and Chianti.  Our guide in Florence Antonella and really great.   Very passionate and knowledgeable……and the woman can snake through a crowd like nobody’s business!  We loved our tours because they were for just the five of us and it made it very intimate.  Andriano who took us to Chianti was great as well.  We loved our lunch in the Villa at Monterinaldi!  Still waiting for our wine order though!
In Pompeii we had Francesca as our guide, and again, just lovely and passionate.
Positano, we learned, is not for the faint of heart, or the out-of-shape!  But just quite beautiful.  Next time we will find a place that is closer to the beach so we won’t have to do the stairs!  Whew!   We loved our day at the beautiful Isle of Capri.
In Rome there is just so much to see.  Our guide for the Coluseum, Manuela, again was really great.  It was quite hot that day and she made sure we were hydrated and she kept us out of the sun as much as she could.
On our last day, we saw the Vatican and all of its splendor.  WE had another great guide (I am forgetting her name right now) but she was great as well.
This trip was quite fantastic and we have life long memories with our family.   We can’t wait to go back.
I have told everyone that working with Cultural Italy was great.  Having all of our transfers, tours and train arrangements taken care of allowed us to enjoy our vacation without worrying about the little things.

Thank you, again, Roberta, for all of your help and guidance.
Jeanne Stanziani