Jennifer Houdek




I am so sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  Between work, the house and fighting jet lag I have been swamped.  I wanted to wait until I had time to truly respond.  Chelsea and I had an amazing time, I can not thank you enough for the memories you helped us share.  Everything went great, no problems finding places, drivers always on time it was perfect.  We liked Rome but liked Florence much better.  The apartment we had was so nice, every morning I would open our living room window and watch the people at the cafe enjoy a coffee, it was magical. 
Laura was a delight, we enjoyed spending time with her.  Very kind and knowledgeable.  I hope to keep in touch with her and maybe visit her again someday.  We made a few friends that we still keep in contact with which is very special to me. 

I am currently looking into the possibility of buying a small apartment or house and getting my dual citizenship.  I would like to live part time in Italy and part time in the states once I retire.  My family heritage is from Sicily so I might be able to obtain dual citizenship through that.  Guess we will see.  Dream big right!!! 

Do you book trips to London and Paris?  That is where my youngest daughter wants to go for her trip?  I would love to go through you if you do.  

Please keep in touch, I consider you a friend as well. 

Thank you again.