Jennifer’s Family Trip

March 2024

Thank you so much Manuela,

It truly was a remarkable experience!  We genuinely loved our trip and each city was more fascinating than the next.
We have been discussing and each of us has a different opinion!  I loved Rome, my husband, Florence, and my son, Venice!
The sites in each place were incredible – which I’m sure you know.  Having the tour guides and drivers was such a bonus for us.  I think the most helpful driver transfer was the person in Venice who showed us how to navigate the train station process. It was a small part of the journey but made such an impact overall!  I would have been lost without her for the next few train rides.  Her assistance was unexpected but what a gift!  The tour guides were exceptional with each being better than the tour before.  It was amazing to be able to see a part of history in a guided, faster way.
It seemed as though everyone in the world was in Florence for Easter – such a surprise that my son ran into a friend there!
I think the Ferrari factory bus tour was amazing.  The facility was great but maybe 45 minutes maximum to view in total.  If you book through the I Love Maranello group again, I would not recommend that you select a “lunch included” option.  There was a several-block walk to a bustling restaurant where we were seated but with no menu offered.   the staff brought out food – a small pile of pasta and risotto. In the future, suggest they just recommend the location instead of including it!
I will definitely recommend your team!