John Thompson



Our journey is  almost over, thanks for your help. Thought you would enjoy the attached. We’re drinking the CC tonight; the Brunello goes on the plane with us. We really appreciate the Golden Tulip. We’re sitting on the balcony as I send this. This is much better than Viterbo and the Palazzo Riario. It wasn’t  a good room at all, and Viterbo isn’t a city I would recommend to anyone. We really liked Renato though, he was great. I’m still partial to the Vin Noblie.  I searched out Avignonesi as we went through Montepulciano. Spent a wonderful two hours there and learned the Vin Nobile 2013 we liked is their lower level wine. So, we’re sending home two cases of their better wine with only a few bottles of the Vin Nobile 2013. You should come visit us in Colorado.  We now know how to make authentic pasta and roasted pork after cooking lessons at Palazzo Leopoldo with Lorenzo. Although I think you could probably teach us more than him about cooking. By the way, I’m not sure I agree with you 100% that Vin Nobile is best enjoyed with food.  I think it’s wonderful on it’s own. I did come to the conclusion that Americans drink the wine before the meal; while, true Italians appreciate wine more for its effect on the meal they’re eating. Maybe I’ll get better; although, my relatives come from Sicily. Maybe they do things different there. That may be our next journey with you.

Haven’t got any other pictures to send right now.  I’ve taken well over a thousand and just haven’t had time to process them all.  However, I will send more once we get back to the States. Hopefully, we aren’t boring you with our emails. It’s just one way to show you Italy via our eyes and to say thank you.

Grazie Mille!