Josh Oppenheim

We had a great trip Elena, thanks for the arrangements. We had been in Paris Brussels, Bruges and Amsterdam the week before flying into Naples.  Naples was the only place we went where we felt that we were in an entirely foreign country, everything is so globalized now everywhere else. Decumani de charme hotel is truly excellent a gem of a hotel hiding in an ugly old building – as is much of Naples. There are many Decumani hotels, so the taxi drivers needed more specific info – Renato was confused some as well.  The hotel staff gave us excellent advise, restaurants, etc and took care of any taxis.  I did get the feel that people in the tourism industry were keeping an eye out for us, though, despite the reputation of the city, we never felt in danger anywhere, and we went EVERYWHERE.  Though I know you cannot book it, you should recommend the Napoli Sotterraneo tour to anyone staying in the city, seeing that Roman theater in someone’s house is an experience I do not think I will ever forget, then going to Pompei the next day really put it all in perspective somehow. We were there Easter and Easter Monday, so it was holiday time, and that may have improved the experience, though some things were too crowded with visitors. Renato gave us a great trip to Amalfi. His nephew Vincenzo gave us few rides and he was very enjoyable to be with. Rome was crazy and fabulous with the Sanctification ( we had no idea this was on the agenda).  By Friday, you could barely walk in some places, we left Saturday ahead of another 2 million visitors coming in. I have been in Rome before, but somehow I loved it more this time – perhaps it was the perfect weather, and when did everyone learn English?