Kari Borle

Thank you so much for your help in getting those reservations. There were many times that we did not have to wait in long lines because of your company. We had no problems with any of our reservations or directions as to where to go to find them. 

Our tour guide in Rome, Max, was really good and was really knowledgeable on the best way to see everything to beat the crowds. This was beneficial in seeing the forum area of ancient Rome and in getting through the lines to see the Vatican, where we didn’t have to wait at all. Even Max was surprised that we didn’t have to wait at least a little bit to get into the Vatican but we timed it so we were there when most people were eating lunch. 

One place where there was a momentary bit of confusion was when we were going to La Boehme in Florence. The lady that was taking us there thought that we should have a voucher. She called her people and it was no problem. They had the information, she just didn’t have it. One call was all it took and maybe it was the guide’s oversight, I don’t know.

We had an amazing time in Italy and we will definitely use your services again. 

Thank you so much!!!

Kari Borle, USA