Larry “Duke” Duca

Ciao Elena,

Now that the holidays and vacations are all over I have a few minutes to again thank you for arranging a very memorable trip to Italy/Sicily. My daughter and I had a wonderful trip and will never forget the variety of experiences and sights we saw. This trip can not be duplicae because it was so unique and filled with fun and thrilling experiences. Leaving the US, and arriving in Rome two days before the tour began was key to a relaxing and enjoyable time. We were first blessed with a special celebration with Pope Benedict at the Basilica on Sunday and received communion with him. Then we were blessed with wonderful tour guides who not only knew the cities and the history but were entertaining and very pleasant. Then we were blessed with an interesting cruise experience from Palermo. I say interesting because it was almost like a cruise ship experience but without the frills. And lastly we saw many things in Rome, Florence, and Sicily that were remarkable.

Larry “Duke” Duca, USA