Liz & David Kuykendall

Buongiorno Nicoletta!
Thanks again for all your help, we loved all of your hotel choices and the tours were great! It was a very special honeymoon and a great first time in Italy!

The trip was wonderful and went very smoothly! We put a lot of faith in Cultural Italy, letting them plan the hotels, tours and transport around Italy, and everything turned out exactly how we wanted! The hotels were all perfect, with nice views and central locations. Tours and transport always came on time and were just what we asked for. It is hard to pick what we liked best, because each day was a different and wonderful experience… but …
…Our favorite day was when we took a private boat tour around the island of Capri. We saw the whole island, got the chance to swim whenever we liked, and shared a bottle of champagne – the perfect start to a honeymoon.
Also another favorite day was when we rented a car in Florence and drove out to wine country.
Here we shared amazing meals, wine, and views.
Everything I always imagined visiting Italy would be like!

Liz Bradford