Lynda Turner

Roberta,   I was going to send you an email when we returned. You beat me to it. Well, what can we say? Everything, and I mean everything, was just wonderful!!
The hotels were in the best locations, and we forged a connection with Sr. Poggi the proprietor of La Spiaggia. Our train vouchers worked so well.   
The hotel locations allowed us to use the Metro several times.   The absolute best for us had to be the person guide we had for the Colosseum and Roman Forum tour.   She gave us the most amazing history lesson. Of course, the weather while we were in Italy was just perfect which helped make it all the more special.  It was so warm when we were in Monterosso that my husband was able to go swimming! An added bonus for sure.
Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.   You took away all the anxiety, and sent us on a most memorable vacation.
Lynda Turner