Mary and Tony Talbott, Rachel and Olivia



Ciao!  My family and I had an AMAZING adventure in Paris and Italy!  Without your expertise and planning, this trip would have been overwhelming and .  Not having to worry about transportation, lodging, tours, tickets, etc., we were totally able to focus on enjoying the EXPERIENCE!  The entire 15 day trip went off without a misstep due to the advance planning (and your patience with my questions).  From Paris to Versailles to Normandy beaches in France, my family experienced the rich history and culture of the French as well as saw firsthand the site where our American soldiers displayed bravery and courage to fight against evil that threatened the world during WWII.  What a moving experience – one that brought tears and chills!

Italy was a first for the entire family – Venice, Florence, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Rome – all captured the beauty and spirit of Italy in their unique way.  Overall, the hotels were fabulous (Venice had some issues but that wasn’t your fault) and we enjoyed the tours and free time that was built into our itinerary.  The tour guides in Italy (especially Fulvio in Sorrento/Path of Gods and Frederica in Rome) were OUTSTANDING!

We fell in love with Italy and I know this trip will be one we will cherish and relive in our family chats for years to come. Cultural Italy/Nicoletta made this a trip where we simply were able to travel and enjoy the sites and culture without worrying about the details, as they had those handled in advance.  What a wonderful experience.  Our next trip to Italy will be one with which we partner with Cultural Italy!


Mary and Tony Talbott, Rachel and Olivia