Megan D

JULY 2017

Hi Emanuela,
We had a wonderful trip!

ALL tour guides were all great and very knowledgeable. As well as all the drivers were on time and helpful.

The Birthday dinner: the restaurant was great and staff/service was amazing…but for 3 women it was WAY too much food. We felt really bad that we could not come close to finishing the food that was served. Not sure if it is possible but we would have been good sharing 1 portion across the 3 of us. Just felt wasteful and probably would have skipped it or just ordered our own food if we could do it over.

The day in Tuscany, ended up being one of our favorite days.

We all loved the Cinque Terre (I already knew it would be a fav from my previous trip). Bummer about the sailing trip, but can’t predict the weather. Also, two of the trails are still out of commission…but all that considered we loved it! We LOVED the pesto making class! Really fun, interactive, perfect size groups topped off with wine and Limoncino…can’t go wrong. Great suggestion.