Meghan Galvin & Stephanie Zimmerman

APRIL 2017

Hi there,

We had the most amazing time and are so grateful for all of Alessia’s coordination! It truly made for a seamless travel experience. Each place was delightful and had it’s own unique charm. The B&B in Montorosso was my favorite as it felt very personal. 

We had such wonderful tour guides on each tour!  I loved the Murano and Burano boat Tour in Venice! That day of touring was fairly exhausting considering that we were still jet lagged, but I felt like we were able to see a ton in a brief amount of time. The Walking Tour of Venice was another highlight as the guide that we had was extremely knowledgeable and engaging.  

We loved the Tuscany wine tour (and are anxiously awaiting the dozen bottles of wine that we purchased). My only feedback is that some of the communication on the order of events wasn’t super clear.  The tour of Siena was wonderful, but we might have preferred to see some more of the countryside especially during the daylight hours. I was hoping to see the sunset from one of the wineries, but we were still in Siena at the time of sunset. We had a lovely dinner at a winery, but it was too dark to see much of the outside.  

All of the tours in Rome were incredible. It was very crowded being Holy Week (which we knew before booking) but having the tours allowed us to get ahead of the long lines and to see the highlights without getting distracted by crowds. I’m very grateful that the Colosseum and Vatican tours were planned for the early morning as they closed the Colosseum and canceled tours one afternoon due to the crowds.  

The food tour of Trastevere was amazing!  I felt like this was the most intimate of all of the tours and we got to see a lot of non-touristy things while learning a ton of history and culture.  

Thank you for such an amazing experience! All of our transfers, trains, etc. were timely and effortless on our part. If there are other specific questions that you have, I’m happy to answer! I’m planning to write Trip Advisor reviews for many of the tours and lodging accommodations as well as for Cultural Italy and Alessia.  

Meghan Galvin & Stephanie Zimmerman