Michelle Accettulli

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for all the work you did for me, as well as all of your helpful hints and tips during my travels. Just by using your services I was able to save myself so many hours of waiting on very, very long lines. The reservations that were made on my behalf enabled me to see far more on my trip to Italy than would have been possible without your help.cI have passed along your website address to quite a few of my friends and colleagues. I just hope that they follow through and use your services when they decide to visit Italy. Unfortunately due to poor timing on my part I was unable to use the reservation at the Borghese Gallery, but please be assured that on my next journey you will hear from me again as it is already on my “To Do List”. Once again thanks for all of your help, and I hope that your business continues to flourish and prosper.

Warm regards and Ciao (but only for a short while – I threw my 3 coins in the Fontana di Trevi)

Michelle Accettulli, USA