Mike Fletcher


Sorry it took a little while to get back to you, had a lot to catch on after the vacation, then had to travel for work for a couple of days.

In summary everything went according to plan – all the things you arranged worked out properly as far as the transport and tours went.

The truffle hunting was a big hit, and the wine tasting after was enjoyable, although at the end they were a little over enthusiastic about selling us bottles of wine

The Florence tours were very good, nice guides and Uffizi was not overly busy. The only challenge with a tour starting at 8 was breakfast at Monna Lisa didn’t start till 7:30 – we made it though!

We didn’t end up seeing Lucca, the family wanted to play in the pool since it was so nice at .Torraccia di Chiusi – it was hard getting them moving.

The staff and family there were really welcoming and nice and enjoyed showing us around – would certainly recommend you send others there

All the other hotels were really nice choices, very unique and excellent service

Vatican tour was a bit too busy, as I’m sure you know it just seems as though they want to push as many people through as possible

A nice addition for Rome might have been some kind of hop on bus tour to see the sights of the city

The food stroll was the other main highlight of the trip – excellent enthusiastic guide and a nice group we ended up with

Ostia was interesting and we ended up being the only ones on the tour which was nice – friendly knowledgeable guide

 Venice was fun at the end, I think it was a good choice to finish with Venice rather than start there

Again nice day with the guide. The glassblowing was fun to see though a bit like with the wine tasting it was all about selling you stuff at the end somewhat.

The guide set us up nicely with tickets for the water bus and gave us good info about other stuff to do and see on our own

I probably should have built in a couple more relax days but there was little time to see everything

So thank you for planning everything so well, I already recommended you to someone else at work here!

Any questions or other feedback please let me know


Mike Fletcher