Mike & Lisa

First of all, we need to say Thank You—the trip went perfectly, and we very much appreciate your services, flexibility, and availability during our vacation.

Our hotel in Siena was the best of the trip. Even though it was kind of close to the railroad tracks, the atmosphere was wonderful, with flowering citrus trees everywhere, plenty of green space to stroll around in, great service from every staff member, and an unbeaten breakfast buffet. We walked all over Siena, and every day after our activities, we always looked forward to arriving back there.

The Vespa tour was terrific. Carlo knows his stuff, everything happened on time, we even got to see a few extra places and photo opportunities, and the winery was lovely and with a great selection of wines for our tasting.

We enjoyed our stay in Lucca. The B&B inside the wall was relatively quiet and easily accessible by car, as well as being close to the wall so we could easily get to it and move about the city.

Now, about the cheese and so on…this was absolutely another high point of the trip! The tour we were on was a small group led by Andrea who has these contacts at makers of prosciutto, parmesan and aceto balsamico…and each tour was even more interesting than the last. Everyone who goes to Italy should have an experience like this one. As with everyone from the olive oil makers in Canino to the marble workers and lardo makers, these craftsmen are so rightly proud of their fantastic products, that learning about them is an excellent experience.  This tour was outstanding.

We are sincerely grateful for the time and effort you took over the months to make this a truly memorable and wonderful vacation that suited us so well.

All the best,

Mike & Lisa Canino