Moe Jafari

JUNE 2017


Loved it all!!! Drivers were great, hotels were nice. Venice hotel had the best croissants I have ever tasted. They baked them on site and it showed. Firenze was my favorite city, due to the pace, guide and it fits my personality etc. Kids all loved Nonna Ciana. She was magnificent. I would suggest they sell the rolling pins they are hard to find in the states, just ordered one from Tuscany.  Should have bought when we were there.  The driver was a super guy!! Wine tour/Castle was excellent and they had shipping so we indulged!!

Rome was wonderful great tour guide for Coliseum and Vatican. Hotel was nice front desk staff was very good. And a nice modern feel. Pompeii and Sorrento were excellent especially loved the history and our tour guide in Pompeii was very good. Boat ride to Capri was the highlight and a great way to wind down. Boat captain Francesco was wonderful!!! Hotel was comfortable; food was very touristy but well executed.

Another thing to note, the hotels were all located very well for the tours/ activities we participated in during out stay. The additional fees for the sea view was definitely worth it in Sorrento, and Venice. All transfers were excellent and we are very thankful for your help!! 

All in all an A+ vacation, I want to thank you and Michelle for making this wonderfully memorable!

Moe Jafari