Morley Jeannie

JULY 2019


Cultural Italy was amazing! It was mine and my husband’s first trip to Italy. We were going for our 30th wedding anniversary.
We had no idea where to begin our planning. Cultural Italy was the best decision we could’ve made. Martina Nicolini, asked all the right questions for what we wanted and she planned the entire trip for us. She was so professional and detailed in her planning. I even asked her to arrange some dinner reservations (one in each place we visited) and she asked the right questions for that as well.
When the airline lost our luggage on our flight there, I called Martina and asked for ideas about what we could do. She helped us to stay calm. I felt like we had a friend in a foreign country who we could call for ideas.
The hotels she arranged were perfect. They were charming and inviting and very comfortable and nice.
Our limo services and the drivers were very punctual and spoke very good English. It was wonderful knowing we had someone meeting us at train stations and giving us all the information we needed. Our train tickets and transfers were all arranged as well.
I asked Martina to book us one or two of her favorite sites in each place we visited. She picked just the right places. The only issues on our whole trip were airline related, not Cultural Italy related. Everything they did for us was top-notch. 

I highly recommend Cultural Italy!  I have already recommended Cultural Italy to many of my friends that are considering a trip. 


Morley Jeannie