Natalie C. Clayton


Hi Alessia,


Thanks so much for reaching out.  We had a wonderful time and everything went extraordinarily smoothly.  The hotels, tours and guides were all very very good.  With regard to our guides, my favorites were our Versailles, Modena and Florence tour guides. In particular the women guide in Florence was amazing.  We also loved the food tour day trip from Florence to Modena.  It was a very quick and easy day trip from Florence and would definitely recommend that trip to others-we learned so much that we didn’t know!  

As for the hotels, as you probably know, Borgo Santo Pietro was phenomenal, and can’t recommend that hotel enough-the service is some of the best I have had anywhere in the world.  Hotel Spadai in Florence is very nice and modern and also in a very easy location to see all of the sights. 

In short, we very much enjoyed everything and thank you so much for all of the hard work and effort that was put into making everything so wonderful. 

If you have any other questions in particular, just ask.


Kind Regards,


Natalie C. Clayton