Pla, Epperson and McLaurin Family

July 2015

Hello Nicoletta!!!

Sorry for not been able to reply earlier. We have not established in our home yet but we are more grateful with you for the amazing time we had in Italy, honestly we literally keep repeating during our days “Thank you, Nicoletta” for every surprise we had in our trip, it was amazing. I am hoping to find an apartment really soon and as soon as that happens I will definitely write a review for Cultural Italy and for you. But in little words “It was the best trip of our life,” and a lot of that was to not have to worry for any logistics and the tours, COOKING CLASS :), horses, taxis, everything was amazing.

Write you soon!! God bless you.

Miguel Pla


I want to thank you so much for the holiday!  We had a wonderful time and would love to leave a “10 – best” comment somewhere for your future clients. The best drivers were from Renoto Tours Service (Renoto and Pepe).  The very first tour guide was our favorite.  He took us on a walk about Rome.  It was wonderful and he was the one who informed us about the fountains and how to act like a Roman and not out of place.  He should be used again for your services.

The Jewish section of Rome with the food tasting tour was absolutely wonderful! The lady was “British” but had been in Rome for 14 years or so and she was great with explaining the History of the area.  She was one of my favorites as well.  Use her again, absolutely!  The establishments that she took us to were very well prepared and tasted excellent.

Thank you again,

Charles, Deanna, & Breanna Epperson


Just wanted to write a quick note on how much we enjoyed our vacation.  Everyone was gracious and even though we had a little trouble with the AC and electricity in Positano because of the storm, Maria was so gracious and did everything she could and it really wasn’t a problem.  Next time, Tuscany and Florence.  The highlight was the cooking class in a castle in Tuscany. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks for all your help with it and finally making it happen.

Angie & Donald McLaurin Family 

(I will NEVER drive in Italy. I don’t know how people do!)