Radosta Wedding

April 2023

We reached out to Cultural Italy in the hopes of finding someone who could help us arrange travel and accommodation for our small wedding in Tuscany. We were soon connected with Marcella Lucenti and immediately knew we were in good hands.

Marcella’s expertise was so much more than we expected––not only a travel expert, but she also had previous experience with weddings in Italy. With this background, she was able to connect us with vendors and provide thoughtful suggestions to make our entire trip better. She was a true partner in all of our planning.

Marcella is communicative, organized, and gracious. She was extremely responsive via email and also made herself available whenever we needed to talk things through via call. She not only organized our travel but also coordinated travel for 37 other people in our group––no easy feat! She truly went above and beyond what we expected of her and we could feel her warm heart from miles away.

The trip itself was a dream. Seamless transfer services, amazing accommodation recommendations, and outstanding culinary services from the chef Marcella coordinated at our Villa. Everything was so well planned, we had no worries going into our trip and were truly able to relax and enjoy the moment.

Thank you SO much, Cultural Italy and Marcella.

Kate Radosta

Photos Courtesy of Kartsie Photography

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