Rajib Sanyal

JUNE 2017

Franca & Fiorella,

We had a memorable trip and thank you for organizing it. All the services were provided as arranged. The fire is from Stromboli. The pizza is from a small pizzeria in one of the narrow streets of old Naples. We wanted to try a pizza in the city where this popular dish is supposed to have been invented. The breakfast room was at Decumani Hotel in Naples.
We have great memories from this trip.  The top three – difficult to select: 1- climbing to top of Stromboli at night to see the eruption, smell the fumes, and hear the deafening roars, 2 – the overnight boat trip from Naples to Stromboli and enjoying the early morning view of the island as we approached it, 3 – strolling through the Main Street of Linguaglossa and enjoying a gelato and sitting at a small piazza to have a Moretti birra!

I am glad you found putting this trip together particularly special.

Rajib Sanyal