Rick Hall

It would be difficult to convey just how much we enjoyed the excellent concert we heard at San Teodoro this past summer. My wife and I travel to Venice as often as we can – once every few years or so. This last trip was the first time we had ever heard the Virtuosi di Venezia. For us, it was certainly the high point of our visit. In particular, the young baritone who sang (I forget his name!) was simply outstanding! Not to take anything away from your soprano, who was also charming and first-rate, as were all of the musicians who played that evening. We thought the choice of material included in the concert was perfect! Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti – these are all our favorites. Here in the States, I teach composition at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. My wife and I love Italian opera, and had hoped to finally be able to hear it at the recently re-opened Teatro in Venice. But the week we were in Venice, the program at the Teatro was Strauss. Given the expense of the tickets, we did not feel it was worth it to travel all the way to Venice to see 20th-century German tragedy! So we opted for the Virtuosi di Venezia instead. We were very glad that we did! Sincerely,

Rick Hall, USA