Roni, Malcolm and Nick

MAY 2019

Hello Antonella,

I’m Nick Lahage, Veronica’s younger son. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts in making our trip as incredible as it was! Italy is such an inherently beautiful country and we enjoyed our time there to the fullest! Our journey into Italian heritage and culture was nothing short of life-changing. Witnessing the timeless works of masters like Leonardo and Michelangelo is an experience beyond description. Each new bit of cuisine, piece of art, and architectural wonder we embraced added to our delight. The opportunity to visit our Italian relatives and learn more about our roots was irreplaceable. By the end, we could barely bring ourselves to accept the fact that it was time to go home! Thank you again for making this trip a perfectly synchronized sequence of joyous moments. Ciao!

Nick & Veronica Lahage

P.S. One of these photos is from the rooftop at the beautiful florentine hotel you picked! thanks again.


Hi Antonella,

The trip was wonderful and I should have recorded our guides so I could id all our photos.  
Our first guide in Rome was a replacement for someone you usually use. Her name is Stefania and you should definitely put her on your permanent list of excellent guides. She was knowledgeable about art and architecture and was able to spend extra time with us answering questions and giving us tips. The transfer people were always on time and most spoke at least a little english, considering our Italian was awful. The skip the line tickets so easy!

Our timing was again perfect as the crowds were just starting to build toward Easter. The weather in Rome and Florence and into Venice was warm and sunny except for a half day of showers. There were no cruise ships in Venice Harbor thankfully, so you might keep that in mind for folks who are looking to tour with fewer people. 

I felt like I needed a month to see all I wanted to see. We didn’t have enough time in Bergamo but did get to visit with family and see my mothers 101 year old cousin. We should have stayed with them but who knew.

Both the hotel in Rome and in FL had roof top patios and the views were astounding. 

Our guide Laura in Florence was another wonderful guide and she said to say HI to you and told us your were from Florence. Must be hard not to go back every year!

Bergamo and Milan were cool and rainy but we did what we planned. The trip home was long and jet lag was intense. 

I have been telling friends how wonderful it was to have you plan the perfect trip. Maybe you’ll get more folks from the south shore of Boston!

Best to you and your family, happy spring!

Roni, Malcolm and Nick