Rosalind Aquino

MAY 2019

Hi Manuela,

Back from our trip and wanted to just say hi!  Our trip was as always great.  I made a mistake and should have stayed in Ortigia, but, the hotel Alfeo was very nice.  Loved Marzamemi, Portopalo, Ragusa, Noto, Santo Stefano Di Camastra.  All great little villages with charm and warm people.  Loved seeing all of Sicily except maybe Modica.  Not what I thought it would be, too crowded and too touristy.  But we survived.  

As usual Nello was his wonderful self and remembered us, which made us feel really special, and he did his best in making our Sicily drives comfortable.  Sad to say goodbye at the airport!  Anthony was teaching him English.  Lots of laughs.  God bless Nello!  He was missed by all in Italy.

Our dinner cooked by the chef was deeeeliscious!  It was a fun and interesting evening!  The chef was very informative and pleasant and so was his staff and the restaurant staff.  We had a delicious dinner and a great evening. One to remember fondly!

The train was fun but for the hard to walk a little difficult, I think they would have preferred the stay in one place bus ride.  Not me!  The train was fine and I enjoyed the adventure.  Thanks!

I love Sicily and Italy.  The weather was cool and sunny except Rome.  It was cold and rainy the 2 nights we were there but it didn’t stop us!  Also very crowded!  Saving for another trip, maybe do Venice again and Tuscany, will keep you informed. 

Thank you for everything!  It was a very fast 2weeks and still wish I was there.  Looking forward to another time.  Thank you for your patience and everything you did to make our trip another memorable time.