Rosalind Aquino

MAY 2017

Dear Manuela,

There are not enough words to say thank you!  Our trip was WONDERFUL!  The hotels were gorgeous, the city guides were exceptional and went out of their way to make our time with them very memorable, the bus drivers were cautious, friendly and on time and also helped with shopping and eating.  Nello in Sicily driving up those mountain roads and Renato in Sorrento along the Amalfi coast were unbeatable.  They became like family to us.  Our trip to the “Borghi Siciliani”  was top notch, especially our lunch!  Delicious and more delicious!  I could go on and on raving about the entire time we were in Sicily and Italy, thanks to you!  No hassles, no disagreements, no problems!  Everyone was helpful and some went beyond, our guide for the “Borghi” even found transportation for Tony to and from the restaurant, he was having a hard time walking. Our private boat ride to Capri, felt like millionaires.They (boat people) helped a lot with Tony also!  There were times when Tony would say, “I will wait here”, our guides and drivers would not accept that, they got him in cars, the boat, the bus and the vans.  Nothing was too hard or impossible for them to help us.Thanks to them WE ALL enjoyed ourselves.

I know when we were getting all information together, you were not too familiar with the hotel in Cefalu, I want to tell you it was magnificent!  It was a quaint boutique hotel located on the main street, wonderful rooms, excellent location and the nicest, most patient people I have ever met in a hotel.  I(all of us) highly recommend La Plumeria Hotel to anyone who is or will be going to Cefalu and I highly recommend everyone to go to Cefalu.  I also recommend anyone and everyone to call you when planning a trip to Italy.  If I continue to write, it will become a book!  Everything was A-1, no other recommendation but ********** 10 out of 10 *’s.  Thank you for making our trip remarkable and memorable!

Warm regards,

Rosalind Aquino

P.S.  Anthony Cimolo did go to find his relatives through Renato’s driver and he found them and they found him!  His dream came alive!