S. L.



The trip was wonderful! They upgraded us in the Hotel Belvadere and our room was AMAZING! The hotel was beautiful and I did not want to get out of the hot tub overlooking the water, or the shower in our room! 

The hotel on the water in Sestri Levante was so lovely. The room was warmer than we are used to so we would have loved to open the windows, but the hotel had staff and other dinners right below our window and Italians love to stay up LATE! It is a very festive place! 

The wine lunch in Monterosso was wonderful! They had amazing food to pair with the wines and the cliffside restaurant was spectacular! The chef prepared creative, small dishes which we really enjoyed. John and I were not prepared for so many anchovies, LOL.  

Davide, the man I hiked with in Como, was very nice! John was sick that day so I went without him, while he stayed in the room. Davide prepared a small snack at the top of a hill in front of a church of bread, local cheese, and fresh meat that was so nice.   

I recommend you to everyone I hear wanting to travel to Italy. You really have done a wonderful job taking care of us.   


Tired and thankful,

S. L.