Well we arrived home, all flights were right on target. We were thankful that they did not have to weigh us, only the luggage! Had a lot of weight in carry on’s, as well as we did indulge in food and wine. Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed all of the excursions that were arranged for us. All of the transportation was always on time and actually perfect. The trip to Pisa was a bit trying for us. The luggage was the problem but we managed, the first train had no place to put our stuff but we managed and by the time we got to Venice we were pros. It was something I wanted to see but did not realize it would be that tough, guess I still think I’m 20.   Our favorite was La Favorita, they were so nice and spending 7 nights there was perfect. The rooms were wonderful and we both had balconies. They truly liked us and even gave us parting gifts, they also took a picture of us for there facebook page!!!!!.The Luna Baglioni of course was elegant and in the most perfect location. The two excursions we had there were great and the guides were wonderful.We loved the farm and mozzarella, I think I expected a little more cooking but we loved the owners of the farm and had a great lunch.So, just a quick thank you for all your expertise, we would recommend our tours and actually all that we did except Pisa, unless its a must as it was for me!!!! Will definitely recommend your company, actually I already have, so hope you hear from these people.

Thanks again, 

Sally, USA