Samantha Noell

JUNE 2016

Hello Alessia,

My husband and I are recovering well from our wonderful vacation. I can not tell you how fantastic it was. Everything was so well planned and organized because of you, and the only thing we had to worry about was enjoying our vacation. I can not thank you enough for everything!

I enjoyed every aspect of our trip, from the crowded streets of Rome to the relaxing time at Lake Como. I felt that we got the best of every city we visited. The cooking class was absolutely great! Traveling on the fast trains, the taxi rides, and the private transports made everything easy. All the hotels were in great locations and provided friendly and excellent service. I am looking forward to going back soon!

I once again want to thank you for all your time and attention details. It made every aspect of our vacation great. Hope you have a great rest of the week. If you need me to write anything else about how great our trip was, just let me know. I am definitely referring you to anyone who wants to travel to Italy!

Thanks again!