Scott and Christine Clark



My wife is always saying that our goal should to be to buy memories, not things. I tend to agree with her and that principal is what led us to you. I want to thank you for priceless memories!  It seems that you knew what we wanted on a much deeper level than we knew ourselves.

During the 2 weeks we had wandering Italy, there was never a moment that we did not feel the incredible care and attention to detail that you provided. My favorite part of every day was when we would sit down for breakfast and look at what Monica had planned for us that day. We were never disappointed! Simple, precise directions were provided including pictures of what we were looking for.  Our location was always central to the sites that we wanted to see. It was as if we were fed Italy in bite size chunks. The tours were small groups of wonderful people that had the same wanderlust that we have. The only thing better than the credentials of our tour guides was the knowledge base and personable way they guided us through 3,000 years of history.

On a very personal note, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experience of a lifetime. I requested a side trip to Anzio beach where my grandfather landed and fought during World War II. My wife and I were whisked away by a driver and a guide that began our education the moment we sat down. I have never felt as close to my heritage, and it gave me a fierce sense fo pride.  My grandfather is smiling down on me I am sure.

Beyond any specific day or moment that we appreciate most, I cannot say there is one because every day was a wonderful surprise and delight just to be in that moment. What I will say is that overall there was a flow to our time that was very subtle and organic. We would not have been able to do or see all that we did by planning this ourselves.  Thanks to you, all of Italy was warm and inviting.  The people you steered into our path only made it better.

I know I speak for my wife when I say that this was a trip that lived up to the hype. If memories were the goal of this trip, we say money well spent!


Our most sincere thanks!


Scott and Christine Clark