Stephanie & Jason Scocchera

Thank you so much for inquiring about our trip!  Being that neither of us has ever been to Italy, let alone Europe, I would say that this trip was life-changing for the both of us! Alessia did an incredible job of organizing every detail of our stay across the country and we barely felt an ounce of stress throughout the duration of our honeymoon. One of the highlights of our trip involved the Dark Rome tours.  We had two of these tours in Florence and three of them in Rome.  Their guides are professional, knowledgeable, pleasant, and some very funny!  I would recommend Dark Rome to anyone even slightly considering going on a tour.  Additionally, the separate tour of Pompeii was incredible, as our guide there has his PhD. in archaeology.  Needless to say, he was very enthusiastic and offered tons of information about the ancient ruins. Finally, the drive along the Amalfi coast was breathtaking.  Our driver, Pepe, of the Cuomo Limousine Service, was so kind, took good care of us, and knew all of the perfect locations to stop for incredible views. 

I hate to even bring up any negatives because really there weren’t any, yet I do feel the information could be useful for booking future Italy trips for your customers.  The boat tour to Capri was probably the only part out of 12 days that was not spectacular.  We were able to hop into the waters of the blue and green grotto, which was excellent, but once we finally reached Capri, we only had about 30 minutes on the island to explore.  With such little time, we were able to take the lift up, walk down a block, and take the lift back down to arrive on time for our ride.  Like I said though, that was the only part of 12 amazing days that I would have adjusted or done differently!!

Again, thank you for taking interest in how our trip went!  We would gladly recommend your company to any friends or family who are planning a trip to Italy.

Stephanie and Jason Scocchera