The Curro’s and Stiehl’s

Hello Fiorella,

Just returned from our trip and it was wonderful …

We enjoyed all the hotels, it was funny my husband and I stayed at the Hotel Lirico in 2000. The staff was great, as well as the location. Loved the Silla and especially the Hotel dei Cavalieri in Milan. 

Our tour guides were excellent… and the transfers were clockwork….

I cannot say enough how excellent everything was…. We did upgrade our car in Rome… We called the transfer company in Rome that picked us up and arranged for them to take us to the car rental in Rome…The owner actually picked us up, Walter, and drove us and stayed with us until we were on the road to Tuscany.

We ate and drank our way thru Italy.  I thank you very much for making this a wonderful trip…

I certainly will recommend your company in the future to all my clients.


The Curro’s and Stiehl’s