Tom Boyd

Yes, we enjoyed the opera and actually preferred the side box seats to the seats where we might otherwise have sat, at a greater cost. We could see most of the stage and could hear well, and it was interesting to be able to look down and watch the orchestra as well. Also, there is a fabulous restaurant just down the street from the Teatro Malibran called Fiaschetteria Toscana (Cannaregio 5719). By far the best restaurant we found in Venice, and we went there several times. You should recommend it to your clients. Not cheap, but everything home-made and fresh and delicious. As you must know, there are a lot of bad touristy rip-off restaurtants in Venice that charge more for a great deal less quality. The Toscana was a marvellous find. Our week in Venice was a grand success. Thanks for arranging the tickets.

Tom Boyd, UK