Tom R.

MARCH 2017

Hello Emanuela,
I apologize for the delay in getting you some feedback on our trip. We had drafted up the note some time ago but never got it sent. In any case, here  are a few thoughts.
Thank you again for helping to arrange a fantastic trip!

Coliseum/Roman Forum: Good tour, nice small group (6 total). Julia the tour guide was knowledgeable and English was clear and understandable. Quite a bit of walking which was no problem for us. She knew her way around and helped to maximize the experience by avoiding lines/crowds etc. It was a cool morning when we took the tour, but Julia kept it fun and light.

Naples tour/Pizza Making class: Fun tour of major landmarks in Naples, several cathedrals, shopping area, best coffee in town and local pizza restaurant. Pizza making class at the restaurant was a bit less formal than I was expecting. It was fun to see how it is down and the results were delicious. Guide (sorry cannot remember her name now) was knowledgeable and fun. it was just the 2 of us so we could direct the tour to some degree. At one point the guide took us down a narrow shopping street in Naples. it was very crowded and might be anxiety producing for some tourists. Driver was also excellent. We ended up driving to some scenic viewpoints that were not on the original plan.

Pompeii: We had to cut our visit short due to pouring rain. Again the guide was very knowledgeable and took us to the hot-spots before we got to wet. I would definitely like to get back to Pompeii on a nicer day and take in the whole city.

Amalfi coast Drive: First, thanks for recommending we do not do this drive on our own! Driving in Italy is a bit more chaotic than in the US, never mind the narrow/twisty roads. We had a nice drive up the coast stopping at several viewing spots. Driver provided a nice description along the way. He also made a reservation for us in Sorrento and we arranged with him for a ride back to Naples at the end of our stay. The only part of the tour that I could live without was the stop at the ceramic showroom. We felt a bit pressured by the staff and were not that interested in buying anything.

Cooking Class: Very Good! We had a very nice time and the chef and everyone at the facility was very friendly. We managed to prepare a delicious meal for ourselves and enjoy it next to the wood stove to stay warm. I would definitely recommend this activity to others in Sorrento.

Dinner Tour in Rome: This was a lot of fun too! this was a larger group (9 total?). Again, the weather was a little chilly but the guide made it fun an engaging. We experienced a wide range of restaurants including a 2000 year old wine cellar, a cookie shop, a butcher and of course gelatto. We made fast friends with everyone in the group.

For me the highlights of the trip were the Coliseum/Forum tour, the Amalfi coast drive and the cooking class although there was nothing that I would have left out!