Tracey Brown

October 2015

We decided to take a trip to Italy as our daughter was traveling through Europe and we wanted to meet up with her and spend some wonderful time just the three of us.  However, we had never been to Europe and were incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of information we were gathering and the amounts of unknowns we were running into!

Then came Pia with Cultural Italy!  She emailed me and asked me to describe the kind of vacation we were looking for!  She wanted to know where in Italy we wanted to go and what was important to us – the wine, the coast, the churches, the food?  Knowing there was no way, in 10 days, we could see everything we wanted to Italy, I wrote back and described more in detail of how we wanted to feel, almost more than where we wanted to go!

Pia then sent back a few very detailed itineraries, with options that met ALL of what we wanted.  It was so hard to choose which one, so with Pia I worked to combine the itineraries into one perfect one!  And then Pia went to work.  She took care of every detail.  From our plane trip over to our return, every little aspect of our trip was taken care of.  Pia purchased each train ticket, took care of every transfer and booked our tours, which were incredible!!  Along the way we stayed in hotels as well as agriturismo and had an overnight sail boat tour of the coast.  Each stay during our trip was terrific! 

What would we change? NOTHING!  The trip was incredible and completely stress free!  I would recommend Pia and Cultural Italy to all!  They made our trip of a lifetime fill the rest of our lifetime with wonderful memories and outstanding experiences!

Thank you Pia!!

Tracey Brown