Tracey Ulrich-Matalon

March 2016

Buongiorno Martina!

We had a wonderful trip! Loved everything…especially the excursions to Murano & Burano and to Chianti (that was our best day!) If I were to do it again, I would definitely not schedule so many walking tour. While the half-day tours gave us plenty of time to explore Rome, we had no time to take in Venice and Florence on our own because the tours took up entire days. I prefer to have a lot of downtime on my trips…but it was a great way to see so many cities, so we have no regrets. Venice was my favorite city because it was so unique…but Florence was the most beautiful! I will go onto each site and leave a great review. I also have a good friend who will be reaching out to you to schedule her trip for this summer.

Thank you again for everything!

Tracey Ulrich-Matalon