Vi & Debra Hirshfield

It was easy communicating to  Alessia all the things that were important to us for our 5th trip to Italy, but the main one:  I did not want to think about anything on this tour other than what I want to eat off the menu.  I did not even want to think about what restaurant to go to.  Alessia, thankfully, provided a list from low priced restaurants to very high priced ones. Top to bottom Alessia delivered the goods. Living in NYC my whole life, I am used to having the best available.  Every tour, transfer, planned personal tour side trips and country excursions went off without a hitch. When Alessia said the car would pick us up at 8:00am, they were there at 7:45am.  In every city, hotel, train station, airport transfers, plus all tours and activities were always on time and more than met my expectations. The hotels were to die for and after several back and forth planning our trip between email and the phone, Alessia read my mind and was one step ahead of me. Perfection, top to bottom, but most important was Alessia’s sincere, down to earth communication via these emails and phone conversations, listening to our desires and her very timely follow ups  recommending many interesting alternatives we loved.  I wanted a Five Star trip and Alessia delivered the goods, however, she always communicated wonderful much less expensive alternatives, unique and very doable. There is no doubt in our mind, if we decided to go three star, Alessia would come through top to bottom for the cost. Si può avere l’universo. Prenderò Italia con Alessia. Please get back to me and let me know that this will be done.  Thanks in advance.

Best Always,

Vi and Debra Hirshfield