Vincent Villagio

This is how this magnificent Italian vacation began. This is the story of a journey lead by my travel consultant Nicoletta Paganucci from Cultural Italy. 

Nicoletta had several conversations with me over a 2 month period. She really got to know my personality… my character. She got to understand my emotions, my creativity and my deep desire to fine tune the mix of who I am. Incorporating this “mix” into designing my perfect Italian holiday was [is] her talent. 

She created the greatest vacation I have experienced in my entire life! And I found out something about her empathy. She is a lovely person which allowed me to entrust my “self” with her experience. 

I visited Italy for 2 weeks at the end of June 2018. While there, I visited Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, and the Amalfi Coast. 

I have been back home now in the USA for some time now, but my heart remains in Italy. It was not just the breathtaking beauty of the regions visited… It was the love the Italian people that I met on this journey shared with this stranger in paradise. 

Whether it was the colorful architecture, electrifying beachscapes, art, history, culture, adults or children [I encounterd]… I still breath and live Italy in my soul as this wonderful attitude is felt and shared as I encounter people back home void of this “life changing experience!”

Molto Grazie Nicoletta