Vivian & Fred Albano




We are reminiscing all the days we spent in Italy….

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet my uncle and cousins! We had a great time getting to know them over dinner at my uncle’s house and met my cousin Dino and his family too.   Unfortunately, his sister couldn’t wait for us that evening due to heavy traffic but we met her and her daughter who spoke very good English the following day for a drink along with my cousin Dino.  My uncle also came afterward to take us to a few places that he said we would not have seen on our tour.  He took us to il gianicolo.  A place called vialetto degli innamorati, with a great reastuarant Caffe, Lo Zodiaco. The other place was not too far from there by the Monument of Garabaldi, a great view of all of Rome.  My uncle who is 80 years yound impressed me with his driving and how well he remembered all the streets in Rome so well.  I also was told that I have many more cousins nearby Cosenza and the house in which I was born was still standing in Falconara Albanese but the orphanage was torn down.  I regreted that at I choose not to go there but we made a promise to return soon.   This time spent with my uncle and new foumd cousins will remain in my heart forever because of you!  

 Grazie mille!