Online Tours of Naples with Andrea Fiorillo

Online, remote tours of Naples, one of the most magical cities in Italy!
Join these Online Tours of Naples with Andrea, and enjoy his storytelling from the comfort of your home. Learn about this incredible city and its layers of history.

Thursday, June 3, Friday, June 4, Saturday, June 5, 2021
9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST

6/3 – Spaccanapoli
6/4 – Piazza Plebiscito & the Spanish Neighborhoods
6/5 – San Martino & the Pignasecca Market

Tickets Euro 25-30 for the series, on Eventbrite

Each live event will last about one hour and you will have a chance to ask questions 🙂
You will receive a link after your ticket purchase.
A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Italian Cultural Center, San Diego.

Visiting Naples’s historical center means traveling through twenty centuries of history. The design of its streets, piazzas, churches, monuments, and public buildings and castles constitute a jewel box of artistic and historical treasures of exceptional importance, so much so that together, they earned their spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995.

The historic center of Naples extends over 720 hectares. It is the largest historic center in all of Europe and includes testimonies from diverse styles and periods, starting from the 8th Century B.C. when it was founded as a Greek colony called Neapolis.

The Greek Neapolis became a Roman town. Later it was part of the Norman Empire, the Reign of the Anjous, the Aragonese Empire, the Kingdom of France. Finally, with Garibaldi, it was unified under the Kingdom of Italy.
You will walk “around the century” because Naples is all of that, a city of diverse experiences.

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