Biennale: Contemporary Art in the secular Venice

Do you think Venice is only a historical city? Wrong! Believe it or not but Venice perhaps is the best place for contemporary art enthusiasts. There are few cities in Italy and all over the world that can boast of such a vast number of modern art museums, each famous for an exceptional collection. What is more, the stark contrast between fascinating historical backdrop provided by the city built on the water and innovative and experimental artworks on show makes this striking combination of antiquity and modernity truly unique. Among many, it is however Biennale di Venezia that is the number one must-see museum of the city.

Why? Venice Biennale organizes many cultural events. However its Art and Architecture exhibitions that deserve a special attention. These two are global happenings that draw experts, art lovers and curious tourists from all over the world. Each time the show is so huge that it basically invades the whole city with its official and collateral events, cocktail parties and gala dinners.

The two main spaces of Venice Biennale are Arsenale and Giardini. Each is incredibly huge and time demanding. You will not even notice how an entire day will fly off while you are strolling amid infinite number of art pieces, curious objects and age-old walls. A day will gone but tones of inspiration and a long lasting impression will remain etched in your head and heart forever.

Each edition of Venice Art or Architecture Biennale lasts about 6 month. That means one has a half of a year to visit and to discover the latest news of the creative universe. The last Art Biennale is just ended, but now worries! In May the new 15th International Architecture Exhibition will open its historical gates and with it a world of new ideas tagged “Reporting from the front” and directed by the Chile architect Alejandro Aravena. The next Biennale is indeed going to be promising. Don’t miss it!

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM