David and Alicia’s Trip

October 2022

Good Morning Manuela,

My apology for the late response, but my first week back was filled with 14-hour days playing catch-up. I believe Alicia has provided you with details regarding our wonderful vacation in Italy. Our time there was truly magical largely due to the detailed, considerate, and awesome planning by you and the folks in Italy you worked with. Everything was perfect, including the lodging, the pace of our activity schedule, and our free time to explore. The high points were the hotel in Venice, our lodging in L’Olmo (simply the best I’ve ever experienced), truffle hunting, and the historical tours. Alicia probably told you, but a couple of our friends who saw our FB posts stated they want to arrange the exact same trip for their husband and wife. Alicia will meet with them and provide your contact information.

I have a couple of suggestions you might consider passing on to first-time visitors to Italy: bring AC electrical converters to charge cellular telephones and use U.S. configured electrical devices, highway cameras automatically record speeders, and tickets are issued and provided to car rental companies which may result in thousands of dollar charges to the traveler (luckily we stayed below the posted speed limit), reservations are required for many restaurants and many are not open until 7-7:30 pm for dinner, people in Italy are very helpful and many speak English and/or Spanish, payment at gas pumps and toll roads are different from U.S. facilities, drivers should learn how these work ahead of time.

Attached are a few photographs from our trip you are welcome to share on social media. We enjoyed the perfect vacation thanks to the care and concern you devoted to building our itinerary. Thank you!

David and Alicia

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