Gail Sloan

May 2022

Thank You, Rita and Liliana! After a 2-year Covid delay, we booked our travel to Rome to belatedly celebrate our 25-year anniversary. We were initially going to book everything on our own, but after talking with Rita, we decided to hand over the reins to Cultural Italy. And we are so glad we did! From being picked up at the airport to our last stay at a glorious spa hotel, everything was just perfect! We traveled to Florence, Modena, Bologna, Cortona, and Montepulciano, and experienced the most amazing activities (ebike Tour of the Appian Way, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar tour, Lamborghini Museum, Truffle Hunt and Lunch, Boboli Gardens and Palazzo Vecchio), stayed in wonderful hotels (and I am super picky about where I stay), ate great food, had professional and warm guides and drivers, and met the nicest people along the way. Having support in Italy became really important when I, unfortunately, injured my ankle. Rita and Liliana were kind enough to change arrangements on the fly so we could maximize our stay. I can’t say enough about their help, care, and concern, and highly recommend Cultural Italy to anyone planning a trip abroad. I can’t wait to plan my next adventure with them!

Thanks for everything!

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